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Crispy tofu with brown rice and kale


This was a throw together midweek meal. A friend passed on the tip of lightly coating the tofu in cornflour.  I’ve always been a fan of tofu but never thought to cook it like this before! The cornflour makes the tofu to go all deliciously crispy and also soaks up any sauce you throw its way. I could easily have eaten the whole thing myself.

We used kale but it would be equally as good with cabbage, kavolo nero, even spinach.

Serves 2

1.5 cups brown rice


Lug of organic coconut oil or peanut oil

2 cups chopped kale

2 fat cloves garlic

Generous squeeze of fresh lemon


1x block firm organic tofu cut into 2x2cm cubes

3 tbsp cornflour

4 tbsp sweet soy sauce (kecap manis)

3 tbsp regular soy sauce (e.g. Kikkoman))

1 tbsp sesame oil

1 tsp chilli flakes

1 tbsp mirin

Good squeeze lemon juice

Cook the rice as per the packet instructions

Once cooked, start the kale. Add a lug of your chosen oil to a pan on medium-high heat. Add kale and stirfry for a few minutes, then add garlic, mix together and continue to stirfry until kale is wilted but not soggy. Add a good squeeze of lemon juice to the pan and take off the heat.

Coat tofu cubes with the cornflour (add together in a bowl or plastic bake and mix/shake together until coated)

Combine the sweet soy, soy, sesame oil, chilli flakes, mirin and lemon juice, set aside.

Add a good lug of coconut oil (2 tbsp approx) to a pan, heat on medium-high heat and then add the tofu (check with one piece  of tofu first, if it sizzles when it hits the pan, its hot enough and ready for the rest of the tofu). fry, stiring/shaking the pan until tofu becomes light golden brown on most sides and is crispy (about 5-10 mins). Once tofu is ready, take off the heat and add the sauce. The residual heat in the pan will make the sauce go all bubbly and yum, stir around until the tofu is well coated

To serve, spoon some rice into bowls, top with the kale mixture and finally the tofu. Drizzle some of the sauce over everything and top with a final squeeze of lemon juice and a squiggle of Japanese kewpie mayo if you are that way inclined (I definitely am – makes everything better!).

So easy!

(excuse the poor quality photo – I was without a camera so had to make do with my phone)

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